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Discover the wide range of Modern Globes that we propose on LaCasa! Globes of Modern Design, perfect as Furnishing, as pieces of Art or as an original Gift Idea. Colors, shapes, sizes, a Globe is different form the other to suit the needs and tastes of all. Be amazed by Design Globes available Online on LaCasa, fast delivery times!

Furniture Globes


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  1. Bright Furniture Globe Light | 3 Colors Available

    79,00 €
    Bright Furniture Globe Light | 3...
  2. Globe Hot Collection - 3 Colorways

    85,00 €
    The globes of the Hot collection,...
  3. Bamboo Globe - Eco-Design Globe of Furniture in Bamboo

    130,00 €
    Bamboo Globe - Eco-Design Globe of...
  4. Nodo - Globe Illuminated and Table Lamp Made in Italy

    145,00 €
    Nodo - Globe Design Illuminated and...
  5. Globe Lamp - Globe Illuminated and Table Lamp Design

    175,00 €
    Globe Lamp - Illuminated Globe Design...
  6. Light Globe and Design Lamp Stem

    305,00 €
    Design Light Globe and Lamp Stem with...


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