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Wide choice of Goose Duvets for Bed Handcrafted Made in Italy by skilled professionals. Here you can find the Goose Duvets Daunex and Fabris for Cradle, Single Bed, Double and extra large sizes. Choose the Duvet more in line with your needs, you'll see that you'll be satisfied! All duvets do not contain harmful substances and are manufactured with high quality materials. Need Help? Contact Customer Service by email at customerservice@lacasa.it.

Goose Down Duvets Made in Italy- Daunex


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  1. Daunex Corvara - Goose Duvet Single Bed 50% Goose Down 50% Feathers

    130,24 €
    162,80 €
    Daunex Corvara Duvet Single Bed, Long...
  2. Set - Daunex Duvet and Trunk for Children Made in Italy

    198,99 €
    Set Trunk for Children Room including...


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