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Home wooden furnishing trunks, Handcrafted in Italy. Available in many measures and colours, al made once ordered and quickly delivered. LaCasa's Wooden Trunks have two handles, locks, can keep from 60Kg to 80Kg of clothes, linen, documents. Internally covered of paper, wooden trunks are comfortable, beautiful and strong. Separately available four wheel to put underneath.

Home Wooden Furnishing Trunks


  1. Riolfo - Set 4 Wheels for Trunks

    85,00 €
    Set 4 Wheels to fasten to the Trunks....
  2. Riolfo - Wooden Trunk 100X53X50 cm Made in Italy

    325,00 €
    Large Wood Trunk Walnut finish cm...
  3. Riolfo - Green trunk 110X55x55cm cm Made in Italy

    359,00 €
    Riolfo - Green trunk 110X55x55cm cm...
  4. Riolfo - Wooden Trunk 120x55x55 cm Made in Italy

    385,00 €
    Large Trunk Container for Home,...
  5. Riolfo - Green trunk 120X55x55 cm cm Made in Italy

    429,00 €
    Riolfo - Green trunk 120X55x55 cm cm...