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Coat Hangers - Childrens' Bedroom

A choice of coat hangers for kids' bedrooms, totally made in Italy. Tondino: a funny olourful face with one colour or with many patters which will furnish your childrens' bedroom; such as an elephant, a flower, a butterfly and many more.

Coat Hangers - Childrens' Bedroom


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  1. Furniture Knob for Children's Rooms - Kitten

    1,35 €
    To add more cheer and liveliness in...
  2. Knob for Children's Rooms - Flower

    1,70 €
    Fiore, the cute furniture knob that...
  3. Knob for Children's Bedroom Furniture - Elefantino

    1,70 €
    Bring joy and color to your child's...
  4. Butterfly - Plastic knob for Children's furniture

    1,70 €
    To add more cheer and liveliness in...
  5. Furniture knob - Fantasmino

    2,50 €
    Fantasmino, the cute furniture knob...
  6. Knob for Bedside Table - Heart

    2,81 €
    Heart, the nice furniture knob that...
  7. Knob for Bedside Tables and Drawers - Smile

    4,00 €
    Smile, the cute furniture knob that...
  8. Decoration for Children's Rooms - Teddy Bear

    4,79 €
    Beautify your child's bedroom with...
  9. Wall Cloath Hanger for Children - Tondino Soccer

    14,90 €
    Tondino Soccer is the round coat rack...
  10. Tondino Love - Wall Hanger for Children's Rooms

    14,90 €
    Are you looking for a way to furnish...
  11. Tondino Coat Hanger for Children - Little Bear Fantasy

    14,90 €
    Are you looking for a coat hanger for...
  12. Round Cloath Hanger for Childrens' Bedrooms - Tondino Lucky

    14,90 €
    Tondino Lucky, the round hanger that...
  13. Polychrome Wood and Metal Clothe Hanger 25x50x5 - Cow

    35,00 €
    The cute Clothe Hanger Cow, made of...


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