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A Wide Range of Drafting Stools and Drafting Chairs by EmmeItalia to keep the right posture while Working on the Drawing Table or to keep the right seat while working in front the pc in the Office. EmmeItalia's Drafting Chairs and Stools' Design is refined and every Detailed make the Item unique.

Office Stools


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  1. Emmeitalia - Beechwood Drafting Chair

    135,01 €
    Designer chair for Designers by Emme...
  2. Emmeitalia - Swivel Designer Chair - High backrest

    159,00 €
    Designer chair with chromed steel...
  3. Emmeitalia - Fabric Drafting Chair

    171,00 €
    The Designer Swivel Drafting Chair by...
  4. Emmeitalia - Beechwood Swivel Drafting Chair

    183,00 €
    The Swivel Chair for Designer by Emme...
  5. Emmeitalia - Black Painted Design Chair - Steel Base

    185,00 €
    Made in Italy Black Varnished Chair...
  6. Emmeitalia - Beechwood Drafting Stool Designer

    220,00 €
    Designer Drafting Stool by Emme...
  7. Emmeitalia - Polyurethane Drafting Chair

    220,00 €
    The Swivel Designer Chair by Emme...
  8. Emmeitalia - Swivel Polyurethane Stool for Designers

    245,00 €
    The Swivel Stool for Designer by Emme...


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