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Ceramic Football Player 30 cm Height

Availability: Delivery in about 7-15 days

198,99 €

Football Player realised in Ceramic, 30 cm Height. Made in Italy High Quality Production. Completely by hand decorated. This Item is on demand produced, for this reason the delivery could take longer.

For a customised Product, please choose "My Colour", fulfill your order and the payment and send us by e-mail at customerservice@lacasa.it a photo or a description of the requested colour. Delivery Times could take longer.

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The Statue Ornament are produced using the best Italian ceramics. Handcrafted by the technique of the casting mold, the piece, made of white earthenware, is decorated by hand with color called engobes.

To make the color uniform pieces are serviced three times. Afterwards, the piece is fired for the first time in the oven at 980 degrees for approximately 38 hours. Once out of the oven is put the crystal, which, once cooked for the second time, makes the piece polished and finished.


Football is a real passion, more than a game a true love! La Casa brings it in every homes across Europe thanks to Artistic Ceramics dedicated to this great classic of Italian tradition!


LOOK OUT! To order the Soccer Player choose custom "My Color" from the dropdown menu in the product, complete order and payment and send us an email to customerservice@lacasa.it enclosing a photograph and / or the detail of the required color. Delivery in about two / three weeks with customized production by Stephen Puzzo!