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About Us

LaCasa rewrites the rules of the ordinary! Since 2009 we have been selecting products designed for everyday use that, thanks to their special characteristics, are able to differentiate from the normal by shaking the concept of habit.


We are lovers of Made in Italy and, above all, of the Made by Italians; for this reason we are trying to favour items born from the brilliance of Italian companies that are able to inject passion - that belongs to our territory and to the craftsmanship tradition - through their incredible artifacts.


We wink also at International Productions, provided that they are of high quality and able to satisfy our hunger for unusual originality, that is a basic requirement for becoming part of the catalog of LaCasa!


Customer First

If you are looking for a reliable eShop, really close to the final consumer, who can climb over the barrier of purchase online, learning to know you and pamper you thanks to a careful, competent, courteous and present Customer Service - then you will love us!


The customer on LaCasa.it comes really first - we think of you from the moment we select products, that we are going to offer you in our online store, to the final act of your choice, following you step by step and advising you whenever you need it. Whenever you want, we will be there before, during and after your purchase!


Where is LaCasa?

The legal head office of LaCasa is in Italy, in Santa Croce 468/B, Venice Mestre. The operations office is located in the province of Venice, Mirano, in Caorliega Street, 37th


You can reach us six days a week by email to customerservice@lacasa.it or from Monday to Friday by phone at +39 41 5703565


LaCasa.it is a Fifty srl idea.


Legal Head Office:

Santa Croce 468/B,

30135 Mestre Venezia