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Bar -Globe globe - Gemini Map-Made in Italy


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Bar-Globe globe with updated Gemini map

Floor-standing bar globe with updated cartography in Ocher and Burgundy colors and stylized shapes.
Made with high quality materials, this globe, equipped with retractable wheels, has an internal bar compartment to hold 2 or 3 bottles and about 9 glasses.
Additional bottles can be placed on the lower base decorated with a representation of a wind rose, perfectly in harmony with the zodiacal band placed around the equator.
At home or in the office, decorate with a touch of classicism.

55 × 55 × 80 cm   Globe diameter: 40CM
Shelves in laminated MDF, turned in beech wood, size 55 × 55 × 80cm, sphere diameter cm40
Made in Italy


In Contemporary Map the updated cartography marries design. Updated and detailed information is combined with contemporary style color combinations. Very interesting detail: for each state we find the name of the country itself written in its own national language, with the relative translation in English.