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DolomitiLAND - Design Furnishing Complement In Volo

129,00 €

In Volo is a design bird-shaped object to hang, suitable both for Interiors and for garden and exterior furnishing.

In Volo is hand-made one by one: each complement of Design In Volo will never be the same as another.

In Volo has a Cherrywood body and aluminum wings capable of moving thanks to the counterweight in the lower part.
Handcrafted, In Volo combines the contrasting brushed and perforated aluminum with the warmth of wood, looking for elegance and lightness effects.

Measures: body - approx. 31 cm (thickness approx 2 cm); spread wings - cm 83; height - cm 9; weight - approx. 500 gr.

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Warning: The counterweight in the photo is only indicative, as each object has its own weight and center of gravity; consequently each counterweight chosen (in glass or aluminum), can never be the same. This is because each object must be calibrated according to the specific weight of the wood, making the handwork of craftsmen the essential part for its development. Suffice it to a node inside the timber, or a sparse grain to differentiate even a pound and a half the entire structure.

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In Volo is an object of unique design: each piece is handmade by skilled craftsmen, ensuring that there are never two identical pieces.

While outdoors it can move with a slight breeze, inside it can be put in motion by moving the counterweight.

In Volo's body wood is treated with a protective oil and wax; while the counterweight can be made of aluminum metal or Murano artistic glass.

As for the metal parts you can get uniformity in the production, but for the wooden parts, the grain and color are unique and unrepeatable items; In fact, over time, the natural oxidation and light will wrap wood of new color contrasts.
Therefore, the counterweights are adapted to the specific weight of each essence, then varying forms and solutions.

This design furniture comes with perforated aluminum bar, screw, wedge and a diagram for assembly.