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Set Fonduta di Cioccolato "Chocolate"

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Set for Chocolate Fondue with hexagonal shape, in various colors.

The Chocolate Fondue Set consists of a ceramic saucepan where to melt the chocolate and a support, always in ceramic, on which place the saucepan and on which place the heat source suitable to keep the fondue warm and soft.

Attention: purely demonstrative images.


Included in the Set, 4 Forks to dip fruit, cookies, sweets and marshmallows in melted chocolate, in the company of their friends.

The use of Chocolate Fondue Set is simple and allows you to bring to the table fantasy, color and joy with one of the most delicious and loved desserts in the world!

The Fondue Set of Chocolate is complete with 4 forks so you can dip into the chocolate pieces of fruit, biscuits, sweets and any other type of food making it a real delicacy. Usage is very simple: melt some chocolate pieces in the Ceramic Pot, place it on a heat source that will have placed on the Ceramic Support and start to dip what you like in the melted chocolate with the help of the supplied forks, better if in the company of your friends!

Founded in the Nordic countries, the Fondue di Cioccolato is a dessert that has become famous and loved all over the world, a real "social" ritual since the real fun lies in the fact that the Fonduta must be enjoyed together with friends, in the family or with your own half.


"Chocolate" Chocolate Fondue Set is part of a collection of 4 sets, all with different shapes and colors, and consists of a ceramic Pentolino in which melts chocolate pieces and a support, always in ceramic, on which place the saucepan with a heat source underneath, such as a candle, to keep the fondue warm.