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QUY CUP - Biodegradable Bamboo Cup - Bouledogue - Apple


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QUY CUP - Biodegradable Bamboo Cup - Bouledogue - Apple

Suitable for hot and cold drinks.

Lightweight robust thanks to the material with which it is made does not alter the taste of the drinks.

Quy-Cup cups with an original design are made of biodegradable bamboo fiber.

Created by a famous Italian design studio, it is suitable for both hot and cold drinks.



Perfect for drinking cappuccino, coffee, but also tea and infusions.

Ideal for all people who are used to sip drinks during the study, at work or while walking.

 It has a silicone band that surrounds the central part of the cup and allows you to keep it firmly without burning your fingers (in case of very hot drinks).

The patented anti-drop silicone lid has a thin side opening to allow you to sip your drink, while a larger opening in the middle allows you to drink with a straw in typical American style

The Quy-Cup cups are made of bamboo fiber and corn starch, GMO-free, BPA-free and phthalate (plasticizing elements); strictly from organic farming.

 It can be used indefinitely, resistant, light and dishwasher safe.

 It is an ecological, biological and biodegradable product, safe for the environment and for our health.

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