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Polychrome Woods Figurine with wheels 40x32x15 - Basiglio


85,00 €

The Polychrome Woods Figurine with wheels Basiglio, Rabbit shaped, is carved and handmade by expert Italian Craftsmen.

Thanks to its characteristic wheels, which give it a little air of retro toy, is perfect as an Interior Furnishing object, is dedicated to nature lovers of unique Wood Artecrafts.

This authentic Made in Italy Design article has been realized by recycled and eco-friendly rough state materials.

Measures: cm 40x32x15



These Arte Povera objects, signed Arte in Legno, are handmade one by one very carefully, to become decorative and functional furnishing items. These unic masterpieces are suitable for every need and perfect for both inside and outside decor.
All Arte in Legno objects are unic pieces of design, obtained from recycled and raw state materials, like many types of wood, metal, stone and other, abandoned and not used since long time, which can live a secon life.
All Arte in Legno objects can have the same shape, but a little difference in colors from each other. This is because the natural colors, which the materials gained ageing and thanks to atmospheric agents, are simply fixed. This is one of the most wonderful characteristic about this furniture objects.

The photos must therefore be construed as representative of the forms, but absolutely not of the colors.

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